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    Lolita Crossed with Holly Golightly 

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    Lolita Has Nothing on Bella

    Amazon 5***** Review

    While I am am not an avid reader of erotica, I have yet to find an erotic writer anywhere near as good as Chloe Thurlow. Most erotic literature is smarmy, breathless sentimentality, overlaid with unrealistic notions of sexuality. This is not the case with The Secret Life of Girls!Lolita Crossed with Holly Golightly

    I am a reader of good literature, the kind with deep complex meaning, great dialogue, and complete characters! This is my third book by this writer and I got the distinct feeling that her main character, Bella, is very much the author herself. Bella is funny, witty, amusing, naive, gorgeous and outrageous. Everyone loves her, her friends, the men she meets during her sexual awakening and now me, the reader.

    Think of Lolita crossed with Holly Golighly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you have Bella – Isabella di Millo.

    Bella lives a privileged life at an elite convent school on the English coast among other rich and beautiful girls. They have to put up with the strict nuns, but come the weekend, Bella cuts an impressive figure in her scanty clothes among the town boys, who all lust after her.

    Lolita Calamity

    Life is fun, fun, fun. Then, calamity strikes. The country mansion, left to Bella in her father’s will is not hers after all. It belongs to the greedy scheming lawyer, Mr Daviditz. Her new stepfather. Her mother, a powerful figure in Bella’s life, is envious of her daughter and delights in informing her that any dreams she may have had are not likely to come true.

    Until then, sex for Bella has been just a bit of fun – “People take sex far too seriously.” Now, it is the power of her sexuality that she uses to trap Mr Daviditz in a compromising situation – captured on video tape, and the force of her personality that drives her into the world of pop music where she intends to make her fortune and force Mr Daviditz to sell back her family home.

    This is a real novel with real characters, the sex, while very sensuous, arises through the plot and the writer brings you to a satisfying conclusion – although not entirely satisfying in as much as you hate to leave Bella and want to know what’s going to happen to her in the next phase of her life.

    Chloe Thurlow writes prose with real poetry and has produced a character in Bella di Millo who will stay in my memory – probably forever. Perhaps a SERIES Ms. Thurlow? Thank you for a GREAT read!

    5***** Review by Mac on Amazon.com

    image shows cover The Secret Life of Girls


    The Secret Life of Girls is a fictionalized memoir of Bella, an 18-year old girl at finishing school on the English coast. When her father dies, her mother remarries a man who secretly buys the manor house left in trust to Bella to pay off her father’s debts. The betrayal cuts Bella to the core – the house is a part of her. She has nothing left – except she is beautiful, bold and unafraid to use sex to get revenge – as well as for her own pleasure.  

    CLICK for your Amazon 


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    Love Bends and Curves Like Space and Time 

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    Years ago, when I was working in a second-hand book shop, a woman came in seeking a novel. Title? Publisher? Author? She couldn’t remember. ‘It’s all about a man and a woman. They fall in love!’ she announced, indignantly, when I professed bewilderment. I was about to suggest that we began with the Troubadors and proceeded to Anais Nin by way of D.H Lawrence, but by then she’d stomped out, obviously dissatisfied with my lack of bibliographical recall.

    Chloe Thurlow with her new novel Katie in Love has taken the oldest story in the world and made it her own, making it new in the process – and making it memorable. This tale of Katie’s progress from wild erotic experiment to sexual and emotional fulfilment is infused with passion, wit, and self-knowledge. It’s propelled by an intense love of life – and language.

    The appeal of Katie’s first-person narrative lies in the sharp focus of her consciousness. Katie is a writer of erotic fiction, which scandalises her posh mother and places her as a partial outsider, despite her privileged background as a convent school pupil. Intelligent and educated (BA Cambridge) her sensibilities are fine-tuned and allied to a flair for vivid imagery and felicitous phrasing, whether she’s evoking the transgressive delights of prolonged oral sex or the more sedate pleasures of a family lunch in a Surrey farmhouse.

    Katie doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to social observation and the black comedy of metropolitan manners, which encompasses the piggery of champagne-fuelled executives at the corporate functions where she sometimes waitresses, the niceties of lesbian flirtation at exclusive Soho clubs and the narcissism of floppy-haired ‘resting’ actors and media types. She celebrates the secret rites of girls as she chooses the right knickers, the definitive top, the Jimmy Choo shoes. But she’s equally alert to contradictions in her own attitudes, especially as her relationship with Tom develops. He’s a doctor working with Sri Lankan orphans, whose indifference to worldly possessions challenges her hedonistic lifestyle. But he’s fantastic in bed…

    Love Bends Freshly

    If you’ve read Chloe Thurlow’s earlier books like The Secret Life of Girls, you won’t be surprised to learn that the sex sequences are created with remarkable freshness of language and insight, as Katie comes to realise that through role-play and artifice – symbolised by the mask she wears as they make love – the deep energy of her sexuality is released.

    As her involvement with Tom deepens, reflections on her earlier affairs and the enigma of sex are deftly interwoven with the ongoing narration. She lost her virginity in a situation that could be construed as both exploitative and liberating. And her Cambridge tutor’s chastisement when correcting her essay went further than merely giving her a D grade – yet also expanded her intellectual horizons.

    There is a depth and complexity to her analysis of her sexual history – and of Tom’s – which reflects the existential ambiguity of lived experience, instead of falling back on ideological stereotyping. She discovers her ‘core values’ -a phrase much debased by politicians but useful here – so inevitably is forced to make bold decisions when Tom returns to his work in Sri Lanka.

    ‘When you add love to sex it feels as if your soul is being drawn from the chains of gravity into the core of the infinite. Love bends and curves like space and time.’ Chloe Thurlow has pushed against the boundaries of the erotic fiction genre to create something highly distinctive and individual. I look forward to her next book. 

    Love Bends and Making Love Is Not Love But It May Be The Beginning of Love5***** Amazon Review by Bookserf

    Get your own copy of Katie in Love from any good bookshop

     – or download from your local Amazon – just CLICK.

    More than 100 5-star reviews at Amazon.com / 80+ at Amazon.co.uk

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    Intelligent Erotica in Coming of Age Masterpiece 

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    First let me say that Katie In Love is romantic erotica at its best. It is intelligent erotica. The sexual passages are the best I’ve ever read.

    Thurlow’s writing style is unique and very visual. The sexual scenes will play like movies in your imagination. And the best part is that you can play either part. You can be either Katie or Tom. Their pleasures are presented equally. They will arouse you and they may make you think of some of your past loves. You may feel a longing to go back in time. You are quite sure that you would be a much more giving and unselfish lover now, especially after reading Katie In Love. Katie and her lover Tom achieve the perfect give and take/yin and yang of intimacy. It is sensual and beautiful.intelligent erotica

    But Katie In Love is much more than a romantic erotica story. It is a multi-dimensional story. There are multiple stories being told at the same time. The main story is about falling in love, as seen from the inside looking out. We see and feel what Katie feels, each step along her journey. Katie is perfectly happy being single. She has no intentions of falling in love. But we all know that love has a mind of its own.

    Katie meets Tom at a New Year’s Eve party and they begin a magical romance. Tom is the perfect man. He is selfless and kind, intelligent and an amazing unselfish lover. As the story progresses, you may expect that Tom has some deep dark secret. Is he too good to be true or maybe it is really Katie’s time for true happiness and Tom is everything he seems to be?

    Before meeting Tom, Katie’s world was centered around her own life. That’s perfectly normal and does not make one selfish. Some people can remember exactly when the light went off in their mind and they began to think about the world outside of their own life while others go through life and the light never goes off. They remain self-indulged. However Tom opens up the world outside of Katie’s life to her and she is wise enough to step into that world. Katie begins to see and feel things that she never felt before.

    Intelligent Erotica Number One

    Katie has a lot of time to think and self-reflect while Tom is away at the orphanage he runs in Sri Lanka. When Katie returns to some of her old stomping grounds with her best friend Lizzie, she sees the world through brand new eyes. Everything has changed. Nothing is the same. Katie has grown into a woman. She is still the same woman in many ways. She still loves being a woman and she still loves sex. But now her priorities have changed. She has been deeply influenced by Tom’s selflessness. She wants to make a difference.

    Katie In Love is a thinking person’s romantic erotic novel. If there was such a category as intelligent erotica, Katie In Love would be number one. Thurlow’s writing style is indescribable. It is that good. It took me a while to read it because I kept going back and re-reading sections that I found to be just wonderfully written and required re-reading. I began highlighting them but there were too many.

    Here are two examples of Thurlow’s amazing writing style:

    “Girls are butterflies and at fourteen they feel the air below their wings and fly through the glass walls that imprison them.”

    “All life is random. All life is absurd. A snap of the fingers and it’s gone. A shooting star is already dead by the time we see its light. There is no reason, no purpose; except reproduction. The animals know that. Our cells know that.”

    That kind of poetic writing is sprinkled throughout the book. Thurlow is a timeless writer and these books will become classics. Enjoy.

    Review by Kwadzanaon on Amazon

    Intelligent Erotica in Coming of Age Masterpiece


    Katie in Love – more than 100 5***** Reviews at Amazon.com 

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    Skilled Literary Temptress of Arousing Proportions 

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    Katie in Love 

    Review by Vanessa Gonzales

    image shows book cover for Katie in LoveFemale sexuality is an aspect of human development that’s been misunderstood for centuries. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness that empowering women to embrace their sexuality empowers men as well, and the benefits are widespread, especially in the bedroom. Thurlow’s stellar sixth novel, Katie in Love, intuitively embodies this line of thinking. Her characters have depth of desire, making them easily relatable. But most compelling is Katie’s sense of longing to make satisfying sexual connections and the intriguing lengths to which she’ll go to slake those impulses.

    Thurlow gives Katie the power to be simultaneously in control and vulnerable—a complex duality that often transcends the page and is stimulating for all readers, male, female, etc. Meanwhile, her power of observation and insights into human nature are especially alluring for the more discerning reader:

    “They see me across the rainbow of fiesta lights as a blank canvas requiring their signature in a gooey splash of scribbled jism; a column of alabaster that needs to be reshaped, their sculpting hands eager to rid me of my clothes and go to work with their carving tools. I could be perfect, just perfect, if I only gave them the chance.”

    Skillfully, Thurlow often follows fiery lines like these with comedy that rolls the narrative forward at breakneck speed.

    Thurlow has a knack for authentic dialect, and my personal weakness for a strong brogue made this an especially fun read. But I was most impressed by her skilled character development. Katie is a sexually explorative, vulnerable protagonist who often develops a greater understanding of herself through the choices she makes during sex and in the partners to whom she willingly surrenders. Bringing to mind the work of Roddy Doyle and Jann Turner, Thurlow’s writing far exceeds the one-dimensional twitch-by-twitch accounts of genital exploits that often clutter up the pages of amateur erotica.

    Dense prose is interwoven with striking revelations and haunting imagery. “I had slept badly, my dreams twisted images of the night before, Lisa ice-white with blood running down the insides of her legs, Lizzie in a surgeon’s mask; the pianist at the Cadogan Hall staring from the shadows like the Phantom of the Opera.” My favorite line invoking a primal layer of longing and desire, “He licked away my tears.”

    Thurlow’s understanding and exploration of female sexuality is electrifying. She is a skilled literary temptress of arousing proportions.

    by Vanessa Gonzales  

    You can get Katie in Love from your own Amazon


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    Australia Waves the Flag for Katie in Love 

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    Katie Goes Down Under

    Actually, it’s me waving the flag for Katie in Love – I do apologise, but my novel (of which I am awfully proud) is on special offer in Australia from 1 May until who knows when (so get a copy NOW).

    We managed to take the novel into the Amazon top 10 in the US with more than 100 5***** reviews, and have now reached 80 reviews in the UK. (there are 3 so far in Australia and they’re all great). 

    All self-promotion sounds vain and self-serving, but if you enjoy big stories with love, romance, setbacks, surprises, exotic locations, interesting characters and a sweet-tasting touch of erotica, then Katie in Love is your cup of tea. xx Chloe

    Ozzie reviews for Katie in Love

    Writer Comes of Age

    Katie in Love is an important book that vividly dissects contemporary love, romance, relationships and the erotic. Where Thurlow’s1 a earlier books have been coming-of-age tales of girls just discovering their sexuality, her new novel reveals a young writer who has herself come of age as an author.

    Spoiled, beautiful, self-possessed, Katie Boyd meets a volunteer doctor. After their first night of passion, she begins to examine her own life, a journey that takes the reader back to her time at boarding school, studying at university, where she was seduced by her tutor, and the disappointments of her previous loves. With Tom Bridge, the doctor, Katie sees the prospect of a life change so complete and radical, she is unsure whether she has the courage to take it.

    The writing is first class, the characters come to life off the page and the twists and set backs are totally believable. This is a rather special book that lingers in the mind long after you have closed the last page. I thoroughly recommend it. Review by Christoph Fischer, Amazon.com.au

    Heroin’s Thoughts Read Like a Poem

    KATIE IN LOVE is a contemporary, adult storyline, written by Chloe Thurlow, focusing on erotic fiction author Katie Boyd and doctor Tom Bridge – a passionate and remarkable man who would turn Katie’s world upside down.Katie in Love in Australia

    Told from first person point of view (Katie) the storyline journeys between the past and the present; memories and recollections; and flights into the fantastic. KATIE IN LOVE follows our heroine as she struggles in the here and now. We hear her thoughts and her worries as she searches for something or someone; an acknowledgement of who she is and what she has become. And in the end, it is Katie who must recognize and accede to the demands of her heart and mind.

    Meeting Dr. Tom Bridge sets Katie onto a different path of self-actualization where comfort and hope are found in the arms of the man with whom she will fall in love. As Tom prepares to return to Sri Lanka where he works at an orphanage for lost and displaced children, Katie must look deep within her heart to make the choice that is right for her.

    KATIE IN LOVE is awash in descriptive narration, colorful text and thought-provoking ideas and concepts. The reader becomes one with the heroine; we are in her mind as she reflects on, and reminisces about past decisions, choices and opportunities that have shaped the woman, the writer and the person she has become.

    Discretion and opportunity do not always go hand in hand but have formed the building blocks of Katie’s lifestyle and personality. Katie’s ‘Bohemian’ friends and family wax philosophically about life, love, passion and war, but in the end, it is Katie’s acceptance of who she is, that sets into motion a journey of love.

    The intensity with which Chloe Thurlow writes resonates with the reader as the heroine’s thoughts read like a poem. There are many references to authors, poets, novels and the psychology of the written word wherein our heroine makes comparisons to her own life; and yet I can’t help but wonder if some of the comparisons can be found with the author’s experiences as well.

    image shows book cover for Katie in LoveReview by Sandy S, Amazon.com.au

    Click for your local Amazon.

    Katie in Love has more than 100 5***** Reviews at Amazon.com

    “Chloe Thurlow is the Anais Nin of our Times,” Katie Dylan

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