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    Girls on Bicycles Smile as They Remember Their First Orgasm 

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    Girls on bicycles present a picture of both unsullied innocence and deep sexuality.

    I remember when I was young watching other girls on bicycles and admiring the way their bottoms shifted and danced as they moved up and down, up and down. Did I look the same: stylish and chic, wild and a little wanton?image shows girls on bicycles

    My first sexual experience wasn’t with the gardener, as Mother always suspected, but with the tip of the triangular-shaped seat rubbing rhythmically against my groin and sending sensations I didn’t know existed up through my developing body. There is no feeling in the world better than building up speed on your bike, then rolling down hill with your legs spread out and your cleft on the monorail of a hot leather saddle.

    It is not an urban myth that men surreptitiously sniff the seats of girls’ bicycles. The boiler man at school spent hours in the bike sheds leaning over the saddles when he thought no one was looking.

    Girls walking down the street often attract whistles, hissing, lewd comments, the occasional grope. One man actually slapped my ass once as I passed. Girls on bicycles gliding by with their skirts billowing like sails on a windy day don’t hear the comments and are going too fast for itinerant hands to reach out and touch them.

    Are their knickers showing as they ride by? Of course they are. That’s half the fun. Girls on bicycles wear flared skirts to reveal cheeky peeks of all that is normally hidden. We are the daughters of Eve with temptation in our genes. Girls like being naked. Get over it!

    Girls on Bicycles Time Machine

    Girls and cars form a bond that is macho dominated, as if the automobile is holy object demanding that we go down on our knees to anoint with our little pink tongues. Some girls I know, not mentioning any names, have an instant urge to reach for fly buttons and give head the moment they hear a car engine roar.girls on bicycles with knickers

    It’s not the whiff of gasoline that drives girls on bicycles, but the free clean air of the open road. They are not controlled by the machine. They control the machine. It runs through the power of their strong calf and thigh muscles. A bicycle without a rider is a useless heap of rubber and metal. With the rider, it its a two-wheeled gypsy queen from planet Lust, the ninth star in the Erotic Galaxy.

    The bicycle is a time machine. It takes you back to who you were. When one sense is diminished, the others burn more brightly. In a blindfold, you feel every minute motion of your lover’s hand as it crosses your body. Girls on bicycles feel a tension in their thighs and remember their first orgasm. That’s why girls on bicycles are always smiling.

    girls on bicycles are a sexy work of art in progress


    “I am never disappointed when I read a Chloe Thurlow book. More than the story for me, it is the way Thurlow links sentences and words and images together that astound me. She creates vignettes and scenes that are literally alive with literary genius. I mean this sincerely. I find her to be one of the best contemporary writers of our day. And a champion for the sexual freedom of women at its best and most gritty.” R.B. O’Brien, Amazon



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    Why Regular Blowjobs Fight Depression and You Sleep Better 

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    Regular blowjobs are the crucial ray of sunshine a girl needs to brighten the long cold night of winter. Blowjobs are healthy and life-affirming. And research shows that regular blowjobs fight depression far better than champagne highs and all those little two-tone pills that come in bottles .

    Scientists at New York State University compared the sex lives of nearly 300 women and showed that semen contains a mind-altering drug that makes you feel happier, helps you sleep better and is generally good for your health.girls giving head later I am shocked the scientists didn’t already know that. Regular blowjobs have been a regular part of my diet since the summer I left the convent in Kent and was seduced by an older man with a camera. I love the tang, that salty mozzarella with a squeeze of lemon aftertaste that clings to the insides of your teeth until you awake in the morning with sex on your taste buds and a desire for more.

    Semen is an anti-toxin health drink with a twist of cortisol, a chemical that increases affection; oxytocin, a mood relish; melatonin, for sweet-dreaming sleep, and the antidepressant serotonin to combat the blues. There’s other good stuff in the stuff as well, but if giving head gives you all that, it would be downright greedy to ask for more.

    The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviors, also reported something else I had already become aware of: sex without condoms makes women feel happier than those who use them and those who have taken the pledge and don’t have sex at all. I should add, to be careful with unprotected sex and, if in doubt, give him a BJ.

    Regular Blowjobs Lost

    I broke up recently with Ramon, my young Spanish lover. It is the regular blowjobs I miss most. We always had sex before going to sleep at night and he always woke with an erection, providing my daily dose of the good stuff before I went off to teach English. As you do in the early days of new love, sometimes when we were in a bar we’d slip off to the loo together to have a quickie up against the wall. This isn’t only sexy, it has a healthy dash of daring and indecency about it. Do your girlfriends notice when you come back to the table? Oh, yes, sure they do. And if they have any sense, they’ll pop off with their lover and do the same. 

    One thing the new survey didn’t say and I would like to add this important point for them: regular blowjobs are the elixir of life. Giving head and receiving head isn’t only healthy, it is rejuvenating. The more semen you swallow the younger you feel and the younger you feel the younger you become. As Katie remarks in my novel Katie in Love – “The best way to get over one man is to go down on another.”

    So very true. There is nothing more feminine than giving a stranger a blowjob, some guy with his masterpiece jutting from his Levi’s, you balanced on your heels in a dark alley with the fizz of red neon humming in the dank sky. It makes me wet just tapping out the words. Regular blowjobs are life. Everything else is just waiting.

    Life and love with Ramon. Read on:

    Better Sex With A Younger Man



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    Tasting Semen is the Taste of Life Unique & Unforgettable 

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    Tasting semen for the first time is like eating fruit from an unknown planet. It is the cocktail of love, the essence of passion, your initiation into the mystery of fellatio.

    My first time tasting semen overwhelmed me like a revelation. The back of my throat felt as if it had been splashed with snake oil, weird, lingering, unfathomable; not unpleasant. I swallowed it down like a drug I knew, somehow I knew, was good for me.

    Suddenly, everything that was cloudy became clear. My chemical makeup, my individuality, had been incomplete. Now, I was the me I was supposed to be.

    Male jism is the glue that holds everything together. It binds and stains. It sticks to your teeth. It stays on your taste buds like caviar, like durian, like bird’s nest soup. Tasting semen is like drinking from the begging bowl of the Buddha; like devouring the flesh of an extinct animal.

    Semen is the life force, the seeds of our own awakening, a reminder of our eternal past. Tasting semen is a girl’s right of passage. We study and struggle, achieve and suffer. But, the horrible truth is we are only here to procreate and giving head is a small pleasure in the vast sea of absurdity that is existence.

    Tasting Semen Début

    I remember tasting semen the first time in the garden with a boy named Simon, his shorts down around his ankles while I knelt between his spread legs like a serving maid at the altar of the male phallus, tall and proud and pink and inviting.

    Just as a fish in the sea knows how to swim, I knew what to do. It is a reflex, an instinct. I spontaneously licked every part of his cock as if my tongue were a memory machine that would hold this shape inside me forever. There was music in my head. I moved up and down, finding rhythm. I wanted to bite him, chew him up, swallow him down. It was like a mediation. Your mind empties of all thoughts. You live in the present, in the moment.girl tasting semen

    I heard the milling of his breath, the quickening beat of his heart. He put his hand on the back of my head: Swallow don’t spit, he said, as if it were a prayer or a mantra, not that it would have occurred to me to do anything else. He grew tense and his sperm bathing my throat was warm and fruity, a hint of the sea, a hint of mystery.

    Tasting Semen Obsessive

    Tasting semen this way, in the garden, with the sun on my back, the trees moving like dancers, was like a button had been pushed on a console and my life’s mission was suddenly clear.

    Some girls are born to give head and, once tasting semen becomes addictive, you get high from the rush of oxytocin, serotonin and melatonin, a blend of chemicals that gives you more energy and, conversely, aids sleep – a blessing for the insomniac.

    Semen is good for your health. It contains protein and studies show that the sticky stuff improves memory, mental alertness, lessens pain, slows aging and, with its soupçon of zinc, is an antioxidant that keeps the body system clean. So do cloves and prunes, but so what!

    One more thing, it’s nice to share. When he jizzes fully into your mouth, hold it there and let it slip from your mouth to his mouth when you kiss.

    How do give a great blow job? It’s like tennis and chess and aerobics and cooking bouillabaisse. Practise makes perfect.

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    Blowjobs Feel Great and Make a Woman Feel Alive 

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    Blowjobs feel great and made her feel totally wanton and totally alive. She wasn’t sure why.  It was a gut feeling, a desire born in her genes and it been with her as long as she could recall.

    Blowjobs feel great. And they made her feel great. It was like time had stopped and all life was concentrated in that frozen moment. When she was giving a guy a blowjob it felt as if the skin on her body was peeling off, evaporating, disintegrating, and she was being reborn in another version of herself

    She looked up and smiled. He was waiting for her to unbuckle his belt, unsnap the button at the top of his jeans, lower the zipper. He was wearing white shorts and when his cock emerged from the folds she hesitated only long enough to admire this thing, this creature that is man, this work of art, this object with a will of its own. His cock was long, wide, the head pale pink and it felt as smooth as porcelain as it slid between her lips and down her throat.

    ‘That’s it, slowly now, up and down, up and down. Don’t think, just go with the flow,’ he said and she remembered the way he had encouraged her with his velvety voice as they jogged across Battersea Bridge and into the park with its Buddhist stupa and green parrots. image shows girl for why blowjobs feel great for women

    She paused for breath. She flicked her tongue across the indent at the tip of his cock and softly squeezed the sack of his balls. He sighed. He liked that. She dropped to her knees. She pulled his jeans and boxers down to his feet. He tossed his jacket on a chair, removed his tee-shirt and took hold of the hair at the nape of her neck before setting her back in motion. His taking control identified why blowjobs feel great and made her feel more feminine, more attuned to the role she was born to play. Katie loved being a woman.

    ‘Open your eyes, look up at me,’ he said.

    She could hear the whoosh and slap of flesh against flesh. She held the globes of his backside and slid rhythmically up and down the length of his cock, her mouth expanding and contracting, her senses pricked by the scent of roses. She hadn’t done this for a long time, longer than she could recall, but it’s like…like swimming.  You don’t forget. It’s natural, elegant, ethereal. She felt as if she were born to be down on her knees, eyes wide, a beautiful cock sliding in and out of her throat.

    She recalled a lifetime sucking pen tops and ice cream cones. Blowjobs feel great because every blowjob is both the same and different. Like great novels and all great works of art, blowjobs feel great because they are full of surprises, mystery, a glimpse into the new and unknown. Giving head feels right because the throb and rhythm are in tune with the beating of your heart and melody of your soul.  

    A dribble of spit rolled over her chin. The moon stood still. There were no appointments. There was no past. No future. There was no angst about not living in the present. There was only the present, this moment rolling into the next moment, the warm flesh that filled her mouth as if the illusive ephemera that had been missing from her life, that driving force that had taken her through myriad glass ceilings and hidden barriers was there, where it belonged, and the void that held her in its grip had departed. She felt his muscles tense. She thought he was going to come, but he stopped and eased himself away from her.

    ‘You like that?’ he said, and she nodded.

    ‘You are so vain,’ she replied, and he laughed.

    He removed his shoes and jeans. She pulled back the covers. He stretched out across the middle of the bed, his head propped up on the pillows, legs parted, arms wide, his cock, quaking like a sea anemone. He was lean from running, strong from exercise, blue eyes like stars in the silky glow of the table lamp.

    She kissed his mouth, his nose, his chin, the hollow of his throat, his chest with its fine spray of dark hair. He pulled one of the pillows from under his head and pushed it below the pit of his back. He raised his legs and she kneeled like a serving girl at the temple of his cock which she devoured in one gulp.

    ‘Slowly, slowly, catch a monkey,’ he whispered.

    Blowjobs Feel Great Because…

    She did as she was told, her hair falling over her eyes, her breasts bobbing with the movement, her breathing slow and even. She marvelled, in an abstract way at the design of humanity, how this stranger’s cock fitted her mouth as if it belonged there, as if they were two parts of something, a new key in an old lock that had grown arid and needed the scent of roses to come back to life again.image shows why blowjobs feel great

    He cupped her ears and held the side of her head between his palms, directing the motion. She slowed, a spring uncoiling, taking the entire shaft down her throat to her tonsils; slowly down and slowly up, absorbing him until he became a part of her; he belonged to her. That’s why blowjobs feel great, this sense of ownership, of ultimate control. She moved like a nodding oil pump, drawing energy from the shaft of his cock and, for a moment, she became weightless, something ethereal released from the will of gravity.

    She looked up across his chest and his eyes opened as if he felt her gaze, her feeling of awe and wonder. He watched her rocking up and down, sucking at his cock as if she were a small animal greedily feeding. Katie didn’t want to rule the world. She didn’t want to be a famous author, a high flyer. She wanted to be just as she was at that moment, on her knees, nursing his balls between her palms, her breasts swaying, her bottom pushed out, her mouth stretched in a rictus, her tightly clamped lips creating a vacuum, the warmth of her throat an oven warming his essence.

    He tensed and his palm clamped over the back of her head.

    ‘Ah, ah, ah.’

    Her mouth filled. She thought she was going to gag, a reflex, but stopped herself and swallowed it down. Blowjobs feel great because the taste of semen is addictive and you need to recharge on all that male energy. She came up for air, then sucked out every last exquisite drop, the tip of her tongue spiralling into the slit like a humming bird taking nectar from a flower. Ah, that mixture of ricotta and lemon, that indescribable blend of youth, open air, of man, of why giving head is always deeply satisfying.

    He still had his hand on the back of her head and she rocked like a noviciate at prayer, up and down, up and down. His cock slowly softened and she sat back, holding it gently, sliding the warm outer skin through her palm. Her body was wet with sweat and she slithered across his body demanding to be kissed, to share his essence on his lips. Why blowjobs made her feel alive she still wasn’t sure but, at that moment, she felt fully and totally alive. 

    image shows book cover for Katie in LoveExcerpt from Work in Progress.

    Katie in Love available from all the Amazons. Just click. 

    5***** “Something of a triumph – erotica that reads like contemporary literature. Exquisitely written and amusingly daring, it’s very much a novel of today.” Anthony Stancomb, author of Notes From A Very Small Island



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