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    American Concubine – steamy S&M with a younger man 

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    Five Star ReviewsExcerpt from American Concubine – Story 1 from FALLEN ANGELS

    They finished eating.

    ‘Come here,’ he commanded. ‘Come, come.’

    He tapped his knees and she obeyed. She stood, finished her wine and sat back in his arms. He caressed her breasts. They were on fire, stinging as if from a bee sting. She squirmed and wriggled. He slid his finger into her mouth. She sucked it and he opened the lips of her vagina, the warm pad of his fingertip feeling for her clitoris which he nursed until her head dropped back, her eyes pressed shut and she sighed like someone who had reached the end of a journey.

    She stretched her legs over his thighs and the sudden thought that this is where she sat with Paul and the children on summer mornings flashed through her mind like a memory of another time. Without memory, there is no past. Without a past, there is no future. She arched her back and fought for breath as the tip of his finger worked its magic, a part of her that had been concealed in darkness revealed in brilliant light. The feeling became ecstatic, almost unbearable. She could feel her own juices run down her thighs. He steadied her as she rocked on the bridge of his knees. The contractions drew closer like waves rolling up the beach and, at that moment, that exact moment, he slowed, he ceased, and he left her floating across the abyss.

    ‘Don’t stop. Don’t stop…’

    He turned her in his arms and kissed her. She was trembling. Shaking. Her pulse raced. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and thought she was having a heart attack. For ten of the fifteen years she had been married she had been asleep and now she was awake.

    ‘Fuck me,’ she said and he smiled.

    ‘All in good time.’

    They stood. She was unsteady, as if the floor were the deck of a ship at sea. Just as he had slapped her backside when they left the bedroom, he slapped her again, a little harder this time, and it made her clitoris glow brighter.

    ‘Ouch,’ she cried.

    ‘That wasn’t hard.’

    ‘It hurt.’

    ‘Did it hurt, or did it sting?’


    ‘Let me ask you something, Michelle: have you ever laughed so much it hurt?’

    ‘I can’t remember.’

    ‘Pain and pleasure go together, sometimes, the greater the pain the more the pleasure.’

    He kissed his fingers and touched her bottom. Her whole body felt hot, electric, possessed. They went back to the bedroom. Moonlight lit the walls. She climbed into the mussed sheets and he rolled her on to her stomach. He massaged her shoulders, her back, her thighs. He pushed his tongue into her warm cleft, she was sopping, wet as a young girl, and transferred her fluids to the dark flashing eye of her anus. He pushed his tongue deep inside her, in and out, relaxing the muscles, and she was too…too in the moment to remember that she had never let Paul or anyone do this to her.

    Five Star ReviewsFallen Angels is out now with Xcite Books – six steamy novellas that will make your mouth water. Grab a copy from your local Amazon


    The post American Concubine – steamy S&M with a younger man appeared first on Romance writer Chloe Thurlow.

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    Fallen Angels Fall With Desires For Excess, Lust and Betrayal 

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    Fallen Angels fall because deep in the psyche of ever girl is an unconscious desire for excess, lust and betrayal. We are taught to be good and dream of being bad.

    Who are these fallen angels? They are the girl next door, your girlfriend, your little sister. They are me, it goes without saying. And they are you, dear fallen angels, even if you are not aware of it.

    After a lifetime of being told not be show the tops of your breasts or your knickers in short skirts, your hip bones and curves in teeny bikinis, the inevitable fall is like slipping into a steamy bath of decadence and sin.

    Like well-heeled and unhappily married Michelle in American Concubine who finds a lover with S&M desires and learns he works for her husband. Like Jools in Snow Falls Softly who surrenders to her boss on the eve of his wedding. Like sad little virgin Angela Budd in Bringing Angels to Life who discovers her true self as a call girls and believes that “every time she has an orgasm an angel comes to life.”

    Fallen Angels OUT NOW

    FALLEN ANGElsFallen Angels is the title of my seventh book. It is a collection of six novellas, each one a mirror image of the times in which we live in America and Europe now it has it become one world.

    It is published by Xcite Books and FREE if you have Amazon Prime, just $3.75 at Amazon US and £2.99 at Amazon UK. 

    Follow the link to FALLEN ANGELS 

    EXCERPT from American Concubine

    She slipped down to the bed so he could remove her shoes, her red pants, her panties with satin bows. She was with a man ten years younger than her, and she thought about something Justine had said: why had she waited so long? She was naked, finally, and being naked with this stranger she didn’t know and knew nothing about made her nipples harden.

    He stood there waiting for her to unbuckle his belt, unsnap the button at the top of his jeans, lower the zipper. He was wearing white shorts and when his cock emerged from the folds she hesitated only long enough to admire this thing, this creature that is man, this work of art, this object with a will of its own. His cock was long, wide, the head pale pink and it felt as smooth as porcelain as it slid between her lips and down her throat.

    And P.S. – Katie in Love, my last novel, has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize. Loads of people have voted for the novel, more than thirty of you have left kind comments. Thank you. Thank you. Before the poll closes, if you would like to vote, just follow the link VOTE FOR CHLOE  xxxx Chloe.

    The post Fallen Angels Fall With Desires For Excess, Lust and Betrayal appeared first on Romance writer Chloe Thurlow.

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